“Want to Become a More Consistent Ball Striker and Finally Develop a Powerful, Repeating Golf Swing You Can Trust Every Time You Tee it Up?”
Tired of Embarrassing Shots, Blow Up Holes, and No Hope for Improvement?Let Me Be Your Personal Coach and Help You Build a Confident, Reliable Golf Swing You Can Count On...
From: Adam Bazalgette
3-Time PGA Teacher Of The Year
Dear Frustrated Golfer,

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

After a nice tee shot that finds the middle of the fairway, you have 110 yards to the pin and you're licking your chops.

You imagine yourself hitting a flush wedge inside 8 feet, knocking in the birdie putt, and strolling to the next tee confidently.

Then it happens...

You feel your wedge dig into the ground two inches behind the ball, and look up to see your ball has flown a grand total of 30 yards.

After embarrassingly walking to your ball, knocking it on the green, and promptly 3 putting, you walk off the green with a double bogey.

D@MN IT!!! What Happened???

All the while a few of your buddies (who you'll probably now lose a bet with) are watching this catastrophe unfold right in front of them.
But it Only Gets Worse...
After driving home from the course mad at the world, you get home, fire up your laptop, and find some instructional videos to help you fix these disasters in your game... once and for all.

So you watch one video from a top instructor that says do this, only to turn around and watch another video that says the exact opposite.

All of a sudden, you're left confused and overwhelmed... because when it comes to online golf instruction, there is no consistency!

Think about it...
How on earth can you shoot lower scores (and stop hitting those humiliating shots) if you're listening to 3, 5, or 10 different instructors, each of which has a different take on things?

It's impossible. It leads to information overload, which leaves you worse off (and more confused) than when you started!
Do Any of These “7 Deadly Sins” of Golf
Sound Familiar to You?
"I can't get off the tee box. If I could just put my driver in the fairway consistently with reasonable distance, my scores would drop immediately."
"I feel like I'm taking a different swing to the course everyday and sometimes even use "different swings" on the same hole. I have no clue where the ball is going!"
"I can't stop hitting those high, weak fades with irons, and sometimes tug them too far left as well..."
"When I stand over a wedge, the thought "don't chunk it or skull it" always enters my mind".
"I can't recover from bad shots. I always compound my errors instead of saving strokes."
"Pitching and chipping is a struggle. I can't seem to find the center of the clubface and control my distance and trajectory on those "tough shots".
"I can't read greens or control my speed. I can't make the short ones, and my lag putting isn't very good either."
You're not alone. These are exact things I hear from my students daily at my golf instruction studio in Naples, FL.
So what's the solution?
How can you finally become a better player, and eliminate those bad shots from tee to green that inflate your scores and bruise your ego?
I Developed My Premium SGA Membership to Help Golfers Who Want to Learn From ONE Instructor, In ONE Place, and Eliminate the Fragmented, Confusing Nature of Traditional Online Instruction...
The Premium SGA Membership from Scratch Golf Academy is an "all in one" golf instruction membership... it's the only golf instructional coaching you'll EVER need.

It completely solves the problem of fragmented, confusing instruction by giving you all of the knowledge, feedback, and training you need in one program, from one instructor, teaching one method.

It's specifically for golfers of all skill levels who want to eliminate "information overload," and follow a clear, simple, and straightforward path to better golf.

But before we get to all of that, let's go ahead and address the elephant in the room...
Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?
My name is Adam Bazalgette, and I was the Director of Instruction at the prestigious David Leadbetter Golf Academy for 14 years.

I have been a Class A PGA professional for over 30 years, highly in demand, and with a long waiting list of students. I currently operate Scratch Golf Academy in Naples, FL.
Here are a few facts you may find interesting:
  • ​I was voted 3-Time Teacher of the Year by Southwest Florida PGA in 1998, 2008 & 2018.
  • ​I've worked with players on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours, as well as many of the top NCAA players in the country.
  • ​I've appeared on the golf channel many times.
  • ​I've given over 40,000 lessons in my professional career (averaging 1,250 lessons per year for the last 30 years for you math junkies out there) ...
  • ​I was voted by Gulfshore Life Magazine as one of the top 10 teaching pros of all time.
But what I'm most proud of in my entire career is that I've helped thousands of golfers over the internet, that I've never met in person, become more consistent players, lower their scores, and have fun playing this crazy game.
Here are a Few “Golden Nuggets" You'll Pickup When YOU Join My Premium SGA Program...
You'll learn why pros and top amateurs are obsessed with mastering the fundamentals (and why you MUST be too... this isn't optional if you want to play great golf).
The deadly takeaway flaw that 95% of golfers make that ruins your chance of ever becoming a consistent ball striker (and how to fix it in one practice session).
A single, foolproof drill that will get you in the ideal position at the top of your backswing (that is seldom taught elsewhere).
How you can eliminate the swing flaw that leads to chunked irons and wedges once and for all.
How to add 25+ yards to your drives, and keep the ball in play on those tight par 4's (do this, and you’ll easily save 2 strokes a side).
What the “wear pattern” on your irons says about your swing, and how you must strike your irons with forward shaft lean to hit crisp, solid iron shots.
How to “feel” the same impact position as great players such as Hogan, Jack, Tiger, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, and more (once you can “feel it”...repeating it becomes much easier)!
Make the leap from having a poor short game to being “the guy in your foursome with the great short game that everyone notices.”
How to read greens while “marrying” line and speed perfectly. You’ll hole more of those short knee knockers and improve your lag putting drastically.
The “anti-slice” and “anti-hook” mechanisms that will help you eliminate one side of the golf course (an “insider secret” you hear PGA tour players discuss frequently).
You’re not just going to learn “do this, do that”, you’ll develop a thorough understanding of how the golf swing really works.
There’s just so much great stuff here... and it also includes Scratch Golf Academy LIVE, our preferred buyers club, and your personal 1-on-1 coaching access (more on that below)!
Here's What You'll Get When You Join Premium SGA Today...
*Important: The content within Premium SGA is “locked” and will never be made available to the general public...ever!
You’re going to get instant access (even if it’s 3am) to the following:
(10 Comprehensive Video Courses)
Building Blocks Of The Scratch Golfer
Fundamental Components Of a Great Swing
In this comprehensive course I’ll demonstrate the fundamental building blocks of playing great golf (grip, stance, posture, full swing, etc.). You’ll get access to the following 19 videos:
  • Video 1: Introduction
  • Video 3: Establishing a Perfect, Athletic Posture
  • Video 5: Swing Plane Keys
  • Video 7: Crucial Backswing Checkpoints
  • Video 9: The Role of the Wrists
  • Video 11: Drills for Solid Contact
  • Video 13: Should You Shift Your Weight?
  • Video 15: The Keys to Balance
  • Video 17: Tempo, Tempo, Tempo...
  • Video 19: Continuing to Improve
  • Video 2: Introduction
  • Video 4: Establishing a Perfect, Athletic Posture
  • Video 6: Swing Plane Keys
  • Video 8: The Backswing / Downswing Transition
  • Video 10: Simple Requirements to Achieve Perfect Impact
  • Video 12: Grip Pressure, Setup & Swing
  • Video 14: "Reverse Engineering" Your Follow Through Position
  • Video 16: The Rules of Timing (Syncing Your Arms and Body)
  • Video 18: Unconventional Swings (And Why They Work)
Launching Your Driver
Driver Series
In this 12 video course, you’re going to learn how to finally get off the tee box successfully including the ideal setup, takeaway, power moves, and my proven keys to solid drives and greater consistency.
  • Video 1: Setup for More Distance
  • Video 3: The Powerful Backswing Move
  • Video 5: Unleashing Your Stored Power at Impact
  • Video 7: How to Hit a Draw
  • Video 9: Tee Box Strategies
  • Video 11: Body Styles & Power Sources
  • Video 2: The 3 Distance Keys
  • Video 4: Loading the Club Correctly
  • Video 6: Keeping it in Play (Accuracy)
  • Video 8: How to Hit a Fade
  • Video 10: Self-Diagnosing Faults on the Course
  • Video 12: Practicing Your Driver Swing
Iron Play Mastery
Iron Series
In my Iron Play Mastery course we’ll cover everything you need to know to hit your irons flush, as well as control your distance and trajectory. You’ll get access to these 9 videos:
  • Video 1: The Ideal Setup for Hitting Your Irons
  • Video 3: How to Hit Down on the Ball Correctly
  • Video 5: How Your Finish Affects Trajectory
  • Video 7: Irons on Par 3's
  • Video 9: Approach Shot Strategies & Tips
  • Video 2: The Iron Specific Backswing
  • Video 4: Achieving The Perfect “Feel” at Impact
  • Video 6: Irons from Tough Lies
  • Video 8: The Backswing / Downswing Transition
Chipping & Pitch Shots
Chipping Series
In this course we’ll cover the setup position for different shots around the greens, club selection, handling difficult lies, controlling your distance, and so much more. You’re getting access to these 15 videos:
  • Video 1: Introduction to Chipping
  • Video 3: Hitting Short Chips
  • Video 5: Drills to Perfect Your Technique
  • Video 7: How Your Lie Determines the Correct Shot
  • Video 9: 
  •  Video 11: Chipping With a Hybrid
  •  Video 13: Chipping from Thick or Fluffy Rough
  • Video 15: Short Game Summary
  • Video 2: Fundamentals of the Setup
  • Video 4: Hitting Long Chips/Pitch Shots
  • Video 6: Club Selection for Different Types of Shots
  • Video 8: Key Factors to Distance Control
  • Video 10: A “Choke Proof” Chipping Technique
  • Video 12: When to Putt from Off the Green
  • Video 14: Building Confidence With The 3 P's!
Putting Like the Pros
Putting Series
Starting with set up and grip, we'll move on to mastering a simple and repeating stroke. Distance control, green reading, practice drills, the use of teaching aids, and more are covered in detail.
  • Video 1: Perfect Putting Setup
  • Video 3: Aligning the Putter Face
  • Video 5: Arc vs. Straight Back Putting
  • Video 7: Drills & Training Aids I Use
  • Video 9: Green Reading 101
  •  Video 11: Testing Your Putting Skills
  • Video 2: Which Putting Grip Should You Use?
  • Video 4: Basics of a Repeatable Stroke
  • Video 6: Controlling Your Speed
  • Video 8: Reading and Playing Grain 
  • Video 10: Indoor Practice and Drills
Stop Slicing The Ball
Fix Slice
In this course, I’m going to share with you once and for all how to stop slicing... forever! I’ll show you how to avoid your “slicing tendencies” and give you the correct drills to ingrain an anti-slice feel throughout the golf swing.
  • Video 1: Understanding and Reading Your Slice
  • Video 3: Backswing Faults of Most Slicers
  • Video 5: Course Management Tips for Slicers
  • Video 7: The Fix for a Closed or Hooded Clubface
  • Video 9: Adjusting Your Swing Plane to Promote a Draw
  • Video 2: Anti-Slice Setup Keys
  • Video 4: Fix the Curve First - Psychology of the Cure
  • Video 6: Driver Specific Anti-Slice Tips
  • Video 8: Simple Drills to Stop Your Slice
Stop Hooking The Ball
Fix Hooks
“You can talk to a fade, but a hook won’t listen.” - Lee Trevino

Mr. Trevino is right... if you struggle hooking the ball off the tee or with your irons, you can’t afford to miss this course. You’ll learn what causes a hook, what you should fix first, and how to overcome your hook, no matter how bad it is!
  • Video 1: Why Hooks are Better than Slices
  • Video 3: Flipping the Clubface
  • Video 5: Drills to Stop Hooking the Ball
  • Video 2: Path is Usually the Problem
  • Video 4: Change Your Finish to Cure Your Hook
Stop Hitting it Fat
Fix Fat Shots
Hitting your irons and wedges (or god forbid your driver) fat is the most embarrassing shot in golf. In this course you’re going to learn what causes you to hit it fat, and how to fix it.
  • Video 1: Fixing the Chunk
  • Video 3: Similarities Between Fat and Topped Shots
  • Video 2: The Two Kinds of Fat Shots (Which are You)? 
  • Video 4: Fixing the Drop Kick
Get Rid of the Shanks
Fix Shanks
It’s the dirtiest word in golf. In this course, I’ll show you the 4 most common causes of the shanks, how to diagnose which one plagues your game, and finally how to fix them!
  • Video 1: General Insights on The Shanks
  • Video 3: The “Flip the Hands” Shank
  • Video 5: The “In to Out” Shank
  • Video 2: Balance Related Shanks
  • Video 4: The “Over the Top” Shank
Stop the Tops
Fix Topping
Tired of almost whiffing at the ball? If you have the tops and want them gone asap, you’re in the right place. In this course I’ll teach you how to self-diagnose why you top the ball, and what you need to do to fix the problem.
  • Video 1: Why You Top the Ball
  • Video 3: Weight Hanging Back (and the True Cause of It)
  • Video 5: Lifting Your Head (It’s Not What You Think!)
  • Video 2: Club Shaft Leaning the Wrong Way?
  • Video 4: Unstable Arms (and Why They Cause the Tops)
You'll Also Get Full Access to All Future Premium SGA Courses at No Additional Cost ( NEVER Pay Another Dime)!
As you know, golf is a game of constant improvement... you’re never “done” working on your game.

Which is why I’m committed to helping you get better in the short term and over the long haul.

As part of your Premium SGA membership, you’ll enjoy access to ALL new premium courses I’m releasing in the near future (in addition to the 10 courses you get access to immediately after you join).

Let me repeat that... I’ll be releasing new premium video courses on a ongoing basis (each course a $67 value) which will be included in your monthly membership at no additional cost.
Here’s a “sneak peek” at some of the additional courses you’ll be 
getting each month after you become a Premium SGA Member...
Month 2
Short Game
Bunker Play
You’ll master the basics of the greenside bunker shot. After that I’ll show you how to handle other challenges including fairway bunkers.
Month 3
Full Swing
Trouble Shots
There’s a lot of trouble on a golf course. I’ll share with you my best techniques for hitting great recovery shots and saving more pars.
Month 4
Full Swing
Practice Strategies
Tired of spending hours on the range without making any progress? I’ll show you how to “practice with a purpose” so you’ll actually improve.

Month 5
Full Swing
Fairway Woods
Learn to hit solid fairway woods that fly long and straight from any lie with my fairway woods video course.
Month 6
Short Game
Pitch Shots
This course will teach you how to hit crisp pitch shots that land softly with spin and snuggle up right next to the flagstick.
Month 7
Short Game
Around The Green
Ever find yourself near the green, but in an awkward spot? I’ll go over how I handle these weird shots with accuracy.
With more courses added after month 7....
Remember, my goal is to ensure your Premium SGA Membership is the only golf instructional coaching you’ll EVER need. You’ll be getting access to new, premium content for the lifetime of your membership. Guaranteed!
Along with the 10 Flagship Courses Above and the Additional Courses Added Each Month, Your Membership also Includes the Following...
This is a monthly interactive group training session that I host for all Premium SGA members. I don’t hide behind the camera... you’ll see my handsome mug front and center, ready to field your questions, as well as demonstrate techniques and drills to help you fix your most common swing faults.
Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll get from these invaluable LIVE coaching sessions:
Live, real-time interaction with me directly from my coaching studio to your screen.
My “ask me anything” policy. Whether it’s a problem with your swing, short game, mental game or course management, I’ll provide you with immediate, personalized answers to your questions
You’ll also see me demonstrate, on video, drills and techniques you can use at home or on the practice tee to help you solve the issues that are keeping you from playing your best golf.
Each live event is brought to you in stunning HD for a high-quality viewing experience.
Every month’s event has a different “theme.” Even if you’re unsure what you should be working on, you’ll still get plenty of advice, tips, and drills you can apply to your game.
After you’ve attended a few SGA Live events and asked several questions, we start to get to know each other personally and develop a great “instructor/student bond”… which I think is pretty cool!
I can’t emphasize enough how valuable it will be for your game to attend these live, interactive training sessions with me.

Remember, I’m giving you instant feedback accompanied by personalized drills (that I demonstrate on video just for you) so that you’ll not only improve, but improve quickly.

Now…one question I hear quite often is “Adam, what happens if I can’t make it one month?”

No worries. I take care of my Premium members! Every SGA Live event is recorded and added to your Premium SGA members area so you can go back and view it at anytime.
You’ll also have access to all previously recorded SGA Live events!
Mega Discounts on “Cool Golf Stuff” 
Via Our Preferred Buyers Club
I’ve actually had people join Premium SGA just for this... I’m not kidding.

Whether it’s equipment, training aids, clothing or technology you’ll receive significant discounts via our exclusive network of preferred online golf retailers.

We thoroughly vet all of our partners, so you can expect nothing but the lowest prices and the best service on everything you need.
1-on-1 Personal Coaching
Want to jump right into the fast lane and improve quickly?
Premium SGA members get the opportunity to have direct access with me where I will analyze your swing and provide comprehensive feedback.

Just send me a video directly from your phone or tablet, and I’ll provide a full video summary including voiceover, graphics, split-screen, and slow motion comparisons with me personally demonstrating the drills I recommend just for you.

And remember... any swing analysis you ever get from me goes straight into a special section within your Premium SGA membership area... so you’ll never have to worry about losing it!

When it comes to improving your game, this is as close to a shortcut as you’ll find anywhere.

Note: While there is an additional fee for 1-on-1 personal coaching, it’s one of the most popular, in-demand aspects of my program, and most importantly is only available to Premium SGA members!
Here's What a Harvard Physics Graduate Had To Say About My Golf Swing Philosophy... 
"As a Harvard graduate and golfer with degrees in physics and engineering, I've noticed that Adam's videos deal with the physics of the golf swing clearly and correctly with appropriate drills to reinforce these concepts. I've been able to apply these simple principles and am hitting the ball further and more accurately".
- Tony George
What My Peers Say
About My Teaching...
“I am confident you’ll benefit from and enjoy these video lessons from my long time friend and associate Adam Bazalgette.”
- David Leadbetter
Top 3 Golf Instructor Worldwide,
Coached Players to 20 Major Championship Titles
“I have known Adam for over 20 years and his dedication and passion for coaching have never been stronger. It would be impossible you wouldn’t benefit by learning from Adam. Not only is he an exceptional golf coach but he is also a first class human being.
- Andrew Rice
Instructor on Golf Digest 2017-'18 Top 50 Instructors
“I’ve known Adam for many years, and I am confident that his videos will really help you with your game. Adam has always been a great communicator on swing elements with me.
- Mark Lye
Former PGA Tour Player
Golf Channel Analyst
“Adam has a thorough knowledge of the swing, and I'm confident he can help you with your game."
- Jay Sigel
1982 and 1983 U.S. Amateur Champion
8 Champions Tour Wins
A golfer with any skill level would benefit from watching the video golf lessons from Scratch Golf Academy. I highly recommend Adam as a golf instructor.”
- Steve Rogers
Competed in 2010 U.S. Senior Open
2012 Senior British Amateur 
2012 U.S. Senior Amateur
What My Students Have to Say About Why Premium SGA The #1 Investment They’ve Made in Their Golf Game…
Andy Shore
Bristol, United Kingdom
Fritz Krieger
Bonita Springs, Florida
Carlos Melville
Barcelona, Spain
Gary Guerrero
Naples, Florida
"Adam has been my coach for the last 25 years. I feel my technique has improved a lot during our time together, and has really helped me with my longevity. I can also rely upon Adam to get me back on track anytime I'm struggling."
Lou Westol
21 Club Championship Victories
(and has shot his age 600+ times)
"Since I began following the lessons at SGA not only has my game and ball striking improved, but how I view golf and learning has changed. I have become a better student of the game."
Cathy Gronlund
“SGA Premium has been great in helping my son’s overall understand of the game improve along with his handicap. The videos Adam provides inside the membership site continues to help David reach for higher levels and is one of the key reasons for David's success as a competitive junior golfer. We look forward to how far Adam and David can go together over the next few years.”
David (Junior Golfer)
Adam’s videos at SGA haved helped me both with my golf swing and my golf game, and I have far greater consistency and better results during a round of golf than I ever had before I worked with him. Adam has a genuine enthusiasm as a teacher, and it is easy to learn from him for that reason alone. Thanks, Adam.”
John Koerber
“I have been a Premium member for about 1 year now and my golf game has improved tremendously. I was surprised at how fast Adam was able to dial in my swing. Adam’s videos helped my diagnose my swing flaws and helped me correct my slice in a matter of minutes. I now hit the ball better than I ever have. My handicap was +26 before joining Scratch Golf Academy and now I shoot in the mid 80's consistently. I owe it to SGA!”
Gary Guerrero
“Adam has been my coach for the last few years. Because of his expert techniques and the way he helps me understand how to improve my game I enjoy golf more than ever. With Adam I have been a US KIDS Player of the Year in Collier County, made my Middle School Co-ed Golf team every year and look forward to competing throughout High School and beyond. Thank you Adam!”
Vasy (13 year old Junior Golfer)
The Best Part? If You Join Premium SGA Today and Make a Commitment to Learning What I Teach, You Will Get Results Like My Students Above Too...Guaranteed!
At This Point You’re Probably Thinking “Adam, How Much is this Going to Hurt My Wallet?”
If you were to come visit me at my instructional studio in Naples, 10 hours of lessons would set you back around $1,500.

And honestly, we couldn’t cover 1/10th of what I’ve compiled into my Premium SGA program.

Not to mention that you wouldn’t have me in your living room, “on demand,” helping you fix all of your faults from tee to green... at your convenience (no scheduling lessons)!
And hey, that’s not even accounting for Scratch Golf Academy LIVE, our VIP Preferred Buyers Club, access to all of our new, upcoming courses, or the personal 1-on-1 coaching!
But you’re not going to pay anywhere near $1,500 today... not even close.
How about $500?


What about $250?

Guess again.
My goal is to make the Premium SGA membership affordable to everyone.
That's why you can get started with Premium SGA today for as low as $19.95 (you can see all of our pricing plans below)
Select A Membership Below
Cancel Anytime. No Hassles.
Pretty cool, right? Heck, you can’t hardly buy a large drink and bucket of popcorn at the movies for under $20!

And $49.95 quarterly? That’s 3 months of full access to Premium SGA for the same price as a dozen Titleist Pro V1s.

And it only gets better...because if you decide to move forward with our annual membership option (which about 45% of our students do) you will save even more.
And of Course I Stand Behind My Premium SGA Program with My “Take it to the Bank” No Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
I’m going to be really honest you with here.

I don’t want students who feel they aren’t getting value from my instruction.

If you join, and don’t find Premium SGA to be worth every penny, then please email me (support@scratchgolfacademy.com) for a prompt refund.
It’s pretty obvious I’m taking all of the risk here... if you find that Premium SGA is helping you eliminate your bad shots and play more consistent golf, you’ll love being a member.

And if it isn’t...our 100% money back guarantee has you covered. We’re just a simple email away and you can cancel anytime. So you have nothing to lose except strokes off your scorecard (yeah that was kinda cheesy I know)!
Your Purchase is Truly 100% Risk Free with My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Select A Membership Below
Cancel Anytime. No Hassles. 
Got Questions?
Here’s a Few We Hear Often…
Even though this is a “no brainer” offer for most golfers, I know you probably have questions.

Here are the answers:
Your golf instruction is called Scratch Golf Academy but I’m nowhere near a scratch player (0 handicap). Is Premium SGA too advanced for me?
"Not at all! Whether you’re already scratch and are just picking this up to glean a nugget or two, or you just started playing golf last week, the principles are the same, and you’ll see drastic improvements if you implement what I teach."
You already have a ton of videos that I can look at (for free) on Youtube. Why should I pay for this?
"This is my best stuff. Yes, I have a lot of really good instructional videos on Youtube, but the videos inside Premium SGA contain my “private vault” instructional material that I usually reserve for students paying $150+ per hour for 1-on-1 lessons."
Adam, I’m a little skeptical about this whole “video learning” thing. Can I really learn from you through video? Seems challenging. Wouldn’t face-to-face lessons with a pro be better?
To go over everything provided in my Premium SGA program face-to-face with a PGA professional would require at least 30 golf lessons. Even at a “bargain rate” of $70/hour, that’s still $2,100+ (that’s not even close my rate, that’s just your average professional at a local club...my rate is more than double that). In addition to that, after those lessons are over...they’re over, forever.

3 months down the road...you’ll forget a bunch of stuff, and be right back where you started (only with $2,100+ less in your bank account).

With my video lessons, you have unlimited access on a monthly basis, and the ability to hit play/pause at anytime. I’ve created my Premium SGA membership so that it’s extremely easy and convenient for you to learn at your own pace.

And guess what? Even though getting a 1-on-1 lesson from a pro can be a great experience, a pro will not be with you on the golf course.

In the Premium SGA videos, I help you thoroughly understand your golf swing and get in-tune with the club so that you can actually fix your own problems on the course when things start to go a little sideways. You’ll be the only one in your foursome who can save a round when it needs saving the most."
This all sounds great, but what if Premium SGA doesn’t help me? What if it doesn’t meet my expectations?
"I have worked hard to bring this Premium SGA program to life for you. I know it will help every golfer who watches the videos and applies the lessons. That being said, if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, all you have to do is contact me within 30 days, and I’ll issue a full refund, not hassles, no questions asked."
Why should I choose Premium SGA over other online golf instruction offers?
"In order to really improve, you need to choose ONE instructor and stick with them! There are other really good golf instructors online...no doubt about it. But, there is a reason I have over 150,000 Youtube subscribers (and counting).

My instruction helps golfers just like you get results in a simple, straightforward manner. Sure, you could try to piece different things together by watching countless “free” videos online, but Premium SGA gives you a simple, straightforward, proven instruction template from a two-time PGA teacher of the year that is proven to work.

(I also like to think I’m a pretty nice, easy going guy, and most people find my English accent kind of easy on the ears)."

Where do I start? There’s a lot here!
"Don’t feel overwhelmed. I suggest you start by navigating to the “SGA Master Collection” tab, and choosing the course that is designed to help you solve your most pressing issues (there are 10 courses total). Remember, as long as you stay a member you have unlimited access, so there is no rush!"
So Let’s Recap... Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Premium SGA
Access to all 10 Premium Courses from the SGA Master Collection!
New premium courses added to your membership on an ongoing basis
Monthly interactive coaching sessions with Adam via Scratch Golf Academy LIVE (All sessions are recorded and added to your member’s area if you happen to miss one)
Discounts on golf equipment, training aids, apparel, and technology via our preferred buyers club
Access to 1-on-1 personal coaching with Adam
Are You Ready to Join Premium SGA Today, Learn from ONE Instructor, and Shoot Lower Scores? Or Are You Just Going to Keep Trying What Isn’t Working?
Click the Option Below that Works Best for You and Get Started with Premium SGA Immediately!
Cancel Anytime. No Hassles. 
Warning: Once A Certain Number of These Memberships are Gone, We’ll Likely Increase our Prices (and it Might be Soon)...
We’ve received favorable feedback from customers suggesting we could charge more for Premium SGA (and still sign up hundreds of golfers monthly).

So increasing our prices is always on the table…

But when you join today, you’ll lock in your price $19.95 (monthly) or $49.95 (quarterly) or $179.95 (annually).
And once you join at any of those prices, we will NEVER raise the price for as long as you stay a member...that’s my promise to you.
Ready for Consistent Instruction that “Connects the Dots,” Improves Your Ball-Striking, Lowers Your Scores, and Eliminates Those Poorly Executed, Embarrassing Shots?

Now’s the Time…
All you have to do is choose one of the three options below and click the “get access” button.

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Listen...you know that you’re capable of playing much more consistent golf than you are now, and the Premium SGA membership is exactly what will get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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And remember... there is no risk when you join today.

You have a full 30 days to “test drive” Premium SGA by watching the videos, practicing what I teach, and “taking it to the course.”

If you’re not fully satisfied I’ll issue you a refund (no hassles, no questions asked) within 48 hours.

100% guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for?

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