"Three-Time PGA Teacher of the Year Reveals his Simple Swing Method that Will Have You Hitting it Flush in No Time... Regardless of Your Current Skill Level"
Tired of Confusing Golf Instruction that Doesn’t Work? Let Me Guide You Step-by-Step Down a Path to Solid Shots and Tour-Like Accuracy…
From: Adam Bazalgette
3-Time PGA Teacher Of The Year
Dear Frustrated Golfer,

As a Class A PGA professional I see it everyday... there are certain elements of modern golf “instruction” that are just downright confusing & frustrating.

Unfortunately, a lot of the rock solid principles of good instruction have been replaced with bandaids, gimmicks, quick fixes, and empty promises.

As an avid golfer turning to the Internet for instruction, I’m sure you’ve seen many of these empty promises yourself, and have likely fallen victim to a few of these “too good to be true” fixes.

(You know what I’m talking about...the $37 “e-book” written by a guy you’ve never heard of).

And you know what the worst part is?

Anyone can present themselves as a “golf instructor” online these days. If you have an iPhone and access to a driving range, congrats... you can call yourself an “online golf instructor” and give “online golf lessons.”

Unfortunately, what this “everybody is a golf swing guru” phenomenon is doing is making it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for golfers like you to separate the true experts from the “wanna be guru charlatans.”
But it gets worse…
Not only is it nearly impossible to avoid these self-proclaimed golf gurus that lurk in every nook & cranny of the online golf scene (including your favorite blogs, forums, etc.), bad instruction is actually becoming mainstream.

Think about it…

Can popular golf magazines and online publications really teach you anything new in a 500 word article?


But hey, they’ve got sponsors dropping millions of dollars a year on advertising, so they must keep cranking out that mediocre (to put it nicely) content to keep cashing those checks…
And you’re the one that suffers.
I can pull a dozen articles right now from some big time publications and show you so many contradictions regarding instruction it would make your head spin…

It’s no wonder the average golfer, despite more instruction & better equipment, hasn’t improved significantly in the last 40 years.
“Adam, I’m Tired of Confusing & Conflicting Instruction. If I Could Just Hit it Straight and Solid Consistently, I’d be Happy...”
I hear ya.

Consistency...it’s what most golfers want above all else.
Adam, just teach me how to hit it straight and solid!
Sure, you probably wouldn’t mind picking up a few yards off the tee, or hitting those wedges a little closer, or holing a few more putts…
But by far, the #1 problem that golfers have is they do not deliver the clubhead to the back of the ball consistently, and their contact and directional control suffers badly.
When you fail to hit it solid, it can lead to a variety of problems including:
Laying the sod over your wedge shots and short irons, throwing away those precious few birdie opportunities you get each round
Hitting those embarrassing thin shots that end up over the green on the next tee box (with the foursome in front of you staring you down thinking “who is this joker?”)
Putting nice, shiny dummy marks on your new driver or fairway woods
Having a “blow up hole” where all of these things happen on the same hole and you walk off carding a 9 and just want to go straight to the bar
“Donating” your 7 iron to charity (also known as throwing it in the lake on 16).
Finding out what happens when a graphite shaft flying out of your hands at 30mph has a head on collision with a mighty oak tree
And so on (Okay, you really shouldn’t let those last two happen...bad example for the kids).

Based on the most common swing faults and complaints I was hearing from my own students, I just had to help.

I Developed my Full Swing Master Series Video Course to Help Golfers of all Levels Hit it Solid, Improve Accuracy, & Increase Distance on All Shots...Period.

I didn’t want to just create some “hack” that would maybe help you play better golf temporarily.

Nope...that would be contributing to the “band-aid fix” problem that already plagues modern golf instruction.

I wanted to develop a truly comprehensive, no B.S. ball-striking program that was simple to understand and easy to put into practice.

Something that you, regardless of your current skill level could use to hit the ball more consistently and shave strokes off of your scores permanently.

So that’s exactly what I did.

The Full Swing Master Series is a comprehensive program that will help any player hit solid shots, improve consistency, and shoot lower scores time after time.
In fact, here are a few things that you’ll learn inside the course:
How one simple drill I discovered by accident promotes solid contact on nearly every shot
Why professional golfers are literally obsessed with mastering their grip, posture, alignment, and takeaway (and why you should be too)
The 4 unique backswing checkpoints you must master in order to swing the club effectively
How to hit a “baby draw” or “power fade” on command (even if you aren’t warmed up and have 1st tee jitters)
How to “load the club” on the downswing for maximum distance, accuracy and consistency
The “magic” setup position that will allow you to hit down on your irons properly, producing flush shots like clockwork
How to achieve the same feeling at impact as top professionals (once you “feel” this very specific position, your ball-striking will never be the same again)
How to control your trajectory in gale force winds, and even hit piercing iron shots from difficult lies
Why the same swing isn’t right for everyone, and how your body type dictates how you should swing the club
What to focus on when you’ve got “too many swing thoughts” and feel overwhelmed on the course
And so much more...

Right now, I bet you’re thinking, “This all sounds good, but none of it means anything if you’re just another “wannabe golf guru.”

I get the skepticism.

Quite frankly, I’m glad you’re skeptical. It means you aren’t blindly following every swing tip, piece of advice, or product you see floating around on the Internet.

And that’s a good thing.

So let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room...
Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?
My name is Adam Bazalgette.

I have been a Class A PGA professional for over 30 years, highly in demand, & with a long waiting list. I currently operate Scratch Golf Academy in Naples, FL.

Here are a few facts about me:
I was voted Teacher of the Year by Southwest Florida PGA in 1998, 2008, & 2018.
I’ve worked with players on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours, as well as many of the top NCAA players in the country.
I’ve appeared on the golf channel many times.
I’ve given over 30,000 lessons in my professional career (about 1,000 lessons/year for 30 years for you math junkies out there)...
I was voted by Gulf Shore Magazine as one of the top 10 teaching pros of all time.
Oh, and I was also the Director of Instruction for the prestigious David Leadbetter Golf Academy for 14 years.
I don’t tell you this to brag...not at all.
In fact, I Actually Have a Surprising Confession to make…
At first, I didn’t really want to start Scratch Golf Academy, or create the Full Swing Master Video Series.

Not because I was selfish, or because I didn’t want to share my methods with more golfers, but to be completely honest and transparent, I wasn’t sure if it was needed in the marketplace.

After all, with so much already out there, I had to make sure I was adding real value to the golfing community, and not just pumping out instructional content just for the sake of doing it.
Fast-forward 1 year, and SGA on Youtube has grown from literally zero to over 150,000 subscribers ( and counting ) with over 18 million video views.
At first, I didn’t really want to start Scratch Golf Academy, or create the Full Swing Master Video Series.

Not because I was selfish, or because I didn’t want to share my methods with more golfers, but to be completely honest and transparent, I wasn’t sure if it was needed in the marketplace.

After all, with so much already out there, I had to make sure I was adding real value to the golfing community, and not just pumping out instructional content just for the sake of doing it.
Read What Some of My Peers Are Saying About My “Full Swing Master Series” Video Course…
“I am confident you'll benefit and enjoy these video lessons from my long time friend & associate Adam Bazalgette.”

David Leadbetter,
Top 3 Golf Instructor Worldwide
“I have known Adam for over 20 years and his dedication and passion for coaching have never been stronger. It would be impossible you wouldn’t benefit by learning from Adam. Not only is he an exceptional golf coach but he is also a first class human being.”

Andrew Rice, 
Golf Digest 2017-'18 Top 50 Instructors

“I've known Adam for many years, and I am confident that his videos will really help you with your game. Adam has always been a great communicator on swing elements with me.”

Mark Lye,
PGA Tour Player, Golf Channel Analyst

“Adam uses an approach for helping his students their golf games based on play. It’s a process I use everyday with my students.”

Mike Hebron,
PGA Hall of Fame Instructor Class of 2013

“I’ve known Adam for many years. When I first started my teaching career Adam was a senior teacher who was the director for the David Leadbetter golf academy in Naples. Adam inspired me by his love and passion for teaching. His strength for teaching comes from his amazing knowledge for the game, and his many years teaching players of all levels. He has also played at a high level, giving him the advantage of helping golfers understand that improving comes with a consistent practice plan and a simple playing routine. All of Adam’s videos will give you the understanding and knowledge of how to improve every area of your game. He will improve your game to the next level.”

Gary Gilchrist,
Coached Pros to 8 Major Championships

“I fully endorse my friend and teacher Adam Bazalgette and Scratch Golf Academy. It will not only give you a better understanding of your game, but will also help you customize your own game.”

Doc Jim Suttie,
Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor & Coach to Paul Azinger

“I’ve had the privilege of teaching alongside Adam on a number of occasions. His knowledge base of the golf swing, and how to play the game is second to none. I learn something new every time we are together.”

Mark Durland,
Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor

“Whenever I have students or members looking for an instructor in Southwest Florida, Adam is the first person I think of. Adam’s knowledge of the swing, and his communication skills are unmatched.”

Eden Foster,
Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor

“I always enjoy working with Adam when we do Scoring Zone Schools together. I have worked with many professionals over the years, and I consider Adam to be one of the best. He has great command of teaching all parts of the game, with an acute understanding of teaching putting and the short game. This makes him unique in our industry. I would trust my own game with Adam.”

Todd Stones,
Golf Digest 2017-'18 Top 50 Instructors 

“Adam’s video lessons are full of great content and sound fundamental advice. A true game improvement resource for players of all abilities.”

Sean Hogan,
Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor & Coach to Lydia Ko

“Adam is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable golf instructors I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. His methods, communicated clearly, make me want to go right out and hit balls each time I watch his videos.”

Mitchell Spearman,
Coached Nick Faldo, Greg Norman, and Curtis Strange

Watch Video Testimonials From Students After Applying the “Full Swing Master Series” Video Course to their Own Game…
Cornwell, Ontario
Tony Roman
Myrtle Beach, SC
John Allen
Lexington, KY
Jerry Patt
New York, NY
Pretty cool, right?

So let me ask you a question…
What if you could get results like these golfers? Actually, with the Full Swing Master Series course, you can.
This isn’t some gimmick. It isn’t some magic bullet that is going to make you a scratch golfer overnight.

However, if you’re committed to becoming a better ball-striker and aren’t afraid to watch a few videos and actually apply what I teach, you will become a better driver of the golf ball, a better iron player, and will finally have exactly what you need to hit consistent golf shots...time after time.

Right now you’re probably thinking “alright Adam, this all sounds good. What exact is the Full Swing Master Series video course? What do I actually get?”
When You Purchase the Scratch Golf Academy-Full Swing Master Series Course Today, Here’s What You’ll Get

A full set of professionally done (in high definition) videos from my private instruction vault.
*Important: These are videos that are not available to the public anywhere and never will be.
Specifically, you’re going to get instant access (even if it’s 2am) to the following:
 19 Videos where I discuss (and demonstrate) the building blocks of the golf swing.
There are certain things in the golf swing that just don’t matter, and a few core principles you must get right. I’ll show you exactly what you need to focus on to build a rock solid, consistent golf swing that holds up under pressure.

Here are a few things you’ll learn:
The one part of the body that is the true “engine” of the golf swing. If you’re not starting your swing this way, you’ll never be a consistent ball-striker
3 essential requirements for rock solid impact, stability, and consistency (you’ll see these in video #4...one of which I know you’ve likely never heard before)
Why “turning and shifting your weight” during the backswing is a myth (and what you should do instead for explosive power)
The definitive “power move” that all top players use (it’s simple, effective, and you’ll learn exactly how to do it in video #8)
Why having an “even” grip pressure throughout the swing is terrible advice (even though everyone preaches this, top players actually do something very different...see it in video #12)
 12 Videos to help you smash longer and straighter drives consistently...
Have trouble with a slice, hook, poor distance, lackluster accuracy, or inconsistent contact? These 12 videos will help you fix all of these issues...fast.

You’ll uncover valuable insights like:
The one hidden distance key that will unlock the secret to longer drives (video #2...it’s actually quite simple to implement)
How understanding the physics relationship between acceleration and deceleration makes creating additional swing speed (and extra distance) easy (video #4)
How to load the club and store power correctly without losing your swing plane or spine angle in the process (video #5)
Why you should implement my aggressive (yet safe) strategy on your tee shots (this seems contradictory, but when you see video #9 you’ll understand what I mean)
Customizing your draw to your skill level...you’ll uncover why you should be doing this and how in video #7
 9 Videos that will help you really “squeeze” your iron shots.
You’ll compress the ball, hit it flush, and hit more greens (and have more looks at birdie) than you ever thought possible. You’ll finally learn what it feels like to strike the ball solid on a consistent basis.

Here are a few unique “iron play insights” that I normally only teach my students who pay me $150/hour:
How to use your shadow to build a solid backswing (video #2)
How to hit down (and then up) on the ball at the same time so that you compress the ball perfectly and flight your irons with precision (video #3)
Why “reading your lie” in the rough and even the fairway is a must have skill that 90% of golfers never really grasp (this alone will drop strokes from your scores...you’ll see it in video #6)
The secret to perfect alignment on par 3s (this often gets overlooked as most golfers are overly concerned with club selection...video #7)
My secret “greens to fairway” strategy that will help you execute the right iron shot at the right time for more birdie opportunities (video #8)
 6 Videos that will help you achieve greater consistency with your fairway woods.
Watch these videos, practice, and you’ll hit more fairways on tight par 4s and more par 5s in two.

You’ll walk away from these videos with a few golden nuggets like:
How to modify your impact position for ideal distance, height, and spin on each fairway wood shot
Why you should probably ditch your long irons and put more fairway woods/hybrids into play
The secret for making solid contact with fairway woods out of bunkers. You’ll be able to stop laying up and go for it more often with this one tip
Why you need to adjust your strategy for hitting woods out of the rough, and how to do it
How to hit your driver off of the fairway with confidence (and without looking like a complete newbie)
Whew! That’s a 600 yard par 5 worth of value...right?

So let’s add em’ up...I’ll do the math for you…

Combined that means you get 46 videos and over 5 hours of no B.S. instruction from a three-time PGA teacher of the year.

I worked pretty darn hard on these videos...and I’d say it’s quite a sweet deal :)
At this point, I’ll bet you’re thinking, “How much is this going to cost me?”
Well, I can tell you that if you were to come visit me in person for 5 hours worth of 1-on-1 instruction, that would set you back around $750.

Not to mention you wouldn’t have me on video, at your computer (or tv), at whatever time is convenient for you, teaching you the fundamentals of the golf swing.

(I mean I’m probably not that good looking, but if you wanted to, you could watch me on these videos, and listen to my cool English accent, 24/7).

But of course, you’re not going to pay anywhere near $750.

Or even half that ($375).

Or even half of half of that ($187.50).

If you decide to move forward and invest in the Full Swing Master Series Video Course today, you’ll only pay $97 $67.

“Adam, is that $67 a month?”

You get all of this instruction (46 videos with 5+ hours of high-quality, simple, and applicable golf instruction) in both digital and DVD format for a one-time payment of just $67.
That’s about $1.45 per video...and you get unlimited access for life.

That’s right...

When you purchase today, you’ll get:
Lifetime, instant access (even if it’s 2am) to the exclusive Full Swing Master Series video course in digital format (46 videos total which will NEVER be made public).
Login credentials immediately (via email) where you can access and watch the HD videos instantly on any device (as long as you have an Internet connection).
The Full Swing Master Series DVD box set (this is your “hard copy” that you can watch on your big screen, in the man cave, or anywhere else you want at any time). You can even let your buddies borrow it (or don’t...and keep taking their money on the course)!
Remember...this is lifetime access for a one-time fee. If your game hits a bump in the road 3 years from now, you can still come back and watch every single video without paying another penny.


Now I want to be upfront with you…$67 is the current price for the digital + DVD version of the Full Swing Master Series Video Course.

Or, you can opt for the lite, “digital only” version for $57. You’ll get instant access to the same great videos, you just won’t get the DVDs (most customers opt for the digital + DVD version for $67, but that’s up to you).

Either way there’s incredible value here, and we’re likely going to raise the price to $97 at some point in the near future.

So by buying today, you’re saving yourself a few bucks on the Full Swing Master Series video course.
Special Launch Prices - Limited Time!
And You’ll Also Get This FREE Bonus Course With Your Purchase
BONUS - Simple Swing Secrets
If you decide to pick up the Full Swing Master Series DVD video course today, I’m also going to throw in my “Simple Swing Secrets” video course absolutely free. My closely guarded Simple Swing Secrets videos that cover the “no failure” keys to the golf swing.
A $47.00 VALUE
Do these 5 “no failure” keys correctly and hitting bad shots actually becomes difficult (yes, you read that right)!

Specifically, here are a few of the “no failure” keys you’ll get inside “Simple Swing Secrets”:
The “golden ratio” of hip turn vs. hip shift, and how to achieve this position effortlessly (video #1)
Shoulder turn mastery (if you’re moving your shoulders the same in the backswing and the downswing, then this will probably shock you)
Unlock the “perfect swing plane” that elite golfers possess by mastering the right wrist position throughout the golf swing (swing plane actually becomes easy when you understand this concept)!...video #3
How to avoid hitting down on the ball too much (this not only promotes solid and consistent contact, but will help you avoid wrist injury down the road)
The narrow to wide “magic move” that will solve 3 huge problems in your golf swing automatically and without any extra swing thoughts
And more (these drills are from my “private vault” that students pay me $150/hour for on a routine basis)!
If you would like to learn the simple principles required to improve your ball-striking, you won’t want to miss this.

This is some of my best material, and I’m throwing it in at the 11th hour because I know after learning these concepts and working on a few of my drills, you’ll be hitting the ball more solidly and consistently after just a few swings.

So by clicking the button below and purchasing through our secure checkout, you’re going to get lifetime access to both video courses for a one-time payment of $67.
You Also Get My “Take it to the Bank,” No Questions Asked 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee...
Did I mention that I’m the one taking all the risk here?

After all, If you’re not 100% satisfied, all you have to do is send me an email (you’ll have my contact information inside the course), and I’ll refund 100% of your money in less than 48 hours.

No questions asked.

Because if for any reason you don’t absolutely love both courses (The Full Swing Master Series course and the Simple Swing Keys course), then you should get your money back...it’s just how I do business.

Just email me within 30 days saying you want a refund, and I’ll refund every penny of your $67. No hassles. No questions asked...It’s my simple, stress free policy.

Because if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the value these courses provide, I don’t want your money.

This is truly a risk-free offer...you have nothing to lose. If for some reason the course isn’t right for you, just send us a quick email, and you’ll get your money back.
Your Purchase is 100% Risk Free with My Full 30 Day Guarantee!
Got Questions?
Now, even though this is a steal of an offer, I understand that you probably have a few questions.

Here are a few I’ve gotten recently...
Your golf instruction is called Scratch Golf Academy but I’m nowhere near a scratch player (0 handicap). Is this course too advanced for me?
Not at all! Whether you’re already scratch and are just picking this up to glean a nugget or two, or you just started playing golf last week, the principles are the same, and you’ll see drastic improvements if you implement what I teach.
You already have a ton of videos that I can look at (for free) on YouTube. Why should I pay for this?
This is my best stuff, and it’s a system that works. Yes, I have a lot of really good instruction videos on YouTube, but these videos contain a lot of my “private vault” instructional material that I usually only share with students paying $150+ per hour for 1-on-1 lessons.
Adam, I’m a little skeptical about this whole “video learning” thing. Can I really learn from you through video? Seems challenging. Wouldn’t face-to-face lessons with a pro be better?
To go over everything provided in this course face-to-face with a PGA professional would require at least 20 golf lessons. Even at a “bargain rate” of $80/hour, that’s still $1,600+ (that’s not even close my rate, that’s just your average professional at a local club...my rate is nearly double that). In addition to that, after those lessons are over...they’re over, forever.

3 months down the road...you’ll forget a bunch of stuff, and be right back where you started (only with $1,600+ less in your bank account).

With my video course, you have unlimited access and the ability to hit play/pause at anytime. I’ve created this video course so that it’s not only my best material, but also so that it’s extremely easy and convenient for you to learn at your own pace.

And guess what? Even though getting a 1-on-1 lesson from a pro can be a great experience, a pro will not be with you on the golf course.

In this video course, I help you thoroughly understand your golf swing and get in-tune with the club so that you can actually fix your own problems on the course when things start to go a little sideways. You’ll be the only one in your foursome who can save a round when it needs saving the most.
This all sounds great, but what if the video series doesn’t help me? What if it doesn’t meet my expectations?
I have worked hard to put this series of videos together. It’s my absolute best material, and I know, for a fact, that it will help every golfer who watches the videos and applies the lessons. That being said, if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, all you have to do is contact me within 30 days, and I’ll issue a full refund, not hassles, no questions asked.

Why should I buy your course over another instructor?
There are other really good golf instructors online...no doubt about it. But, there is a reason I have over 18 million views on YouTube, including 150,000+ video subscribers ( and counting ).

My instruction helps golfers just like you get results in a simple, straightforward manner. Sure, you could try to piece different things together by watching countless “free” videos online, but this series gives you a simple, straightforward, proven instruction template from a three-time PGA teacher of the year that is proven to work.

(I also like to think I’m a pretty nice, easygoing guy, and most people find my English accent kind of easy on the ears).
Where do I start? 46 videos and 5+ hours is a lot of content!
The Full Swing Master Series video course is meant to be your golf instruction “video reference guide” for life. Don’t feel like you have to watch all the videos at once. 

In fact, we suggest you start with the building blocks, and gradually watch all of the videos over a 3-6 week period (if you’re ever struggling with a particular issue, you can always refer back to certain videos since you have lifetime access).
Are You Ready to Hit Solid Shots and Start Playing More Consistent Golf Almost Immediately, or Are You Just Going to Keep Doing the Same Old Thing?
Warning: The Price Will Jump to $97 Very Soon (So Get the Course Today)...
Now I want to be upfront with you…$67 is the launch price for the digital + DVD version, or if you want the lite, “digital only” version without the DVDs it’s $57. We’re likely going to raise the price to $97 for the digital and $127 for the DVD set in the near future.

So by buying today, you’ll save some cash on the Full Swing Master Series video course.

And don’t forget...this is lifetime access, and we will be adding more content on a consistent basis for the foreseeable future.
At this point, you have two choices.
You can either grab my Full Swing Master Series video course today and begin seeing real improvements in your ball-striking in the next few days…

Or you can say “no thanks, I’ll pass,” and continue playing the same frustrating, inconsistent golf that you always have.

The choice is yours.

But I do want to ask you one question...are you tired of the following?
Having a thousand swing thoughts running through your head, only to take a “jerky” swing and still hit a “less than desirable” shot
Never knowing where your driver is going (which is terrifying on tight driving holes that demand nothing less than a straight, solid tee shot)
Constantly fighting inconsistent iron play with no end in sight (and as a result not getting any good looks at birdie)
Reading article after article & watching video after video, only to end up more confused than you were before you started
Not being able to get past that “one hole” that always jumps up and bites you, because you don’t have the confidence of a consistent ball-striker
All you have to do is click the button below, and you’ll instantly be directed to our secure checkout portal where for a one-time fee of $67 you can get permanent, lifetime access to both the Full Swing Master Series and the Simple Swing Secrets video courses.

So are you ready to improve your ball-striking and start hitting it flush consistently? Or are you going to sit by idly and continue playing the same old inconsistent golf?
I think you know what the best move is for your game:)

To better ball-striking and more consistent golf…
Adam Bazalgette
Founder - Scratch Golf Academy

Creator of the Full Swing Master Series & Simple Swing Keys video courses

P. S. A friendly reminder...the $67 offer for the Full Swing Master Series video course (and the bonus Simple Swing Keys course) may not last long. In fact, I’ll likely be raising the price to $97 for the digital and $127 for the DVD set very soon.

So if you want to take advantage of this risk-free offer, now is the time. If you don’t, you’re likely to just keep spinning your wheels...so it’s time to act.

Remember, you have a full 30 days to watch the videos, try the drills, and if you aren’t seeing improvement, you can simply email me and request a full refund (no hassles & no questions asked).
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